Inspiring through butchery

The gap

I've had and amazing journey and education by working with some of the best butchers and chefs in the industry. I look at the scope of the culinary industry and see the gaps between butchery and cooking, I work hard every day to close the gaps by engaging in meaningful ways with chefs and butchers. 

I inspire chefs young and old to think outside the box and expand their knowledge base with utilizing butchering skills as a real add value to the kitchen instead of a cost that you wont see the return on investment. This is why the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat is my platform for teaching and inspiring. 

EBbs & flows

How can restaurants and butchers achieve the perfect ebbs and flows of in house butchery or charcuterie program if your in a constant tide pool? My goal has always been to make sure clients have the perfect ebbs and flows in your business through training and sourcing great products. 

the game is wild

You worked so hard playing their game, you beat them at the game, now what? By utilizing the whole animal to it's  maximum capacity you will be showing that animal the respect it deserved. Teaching a person to butcher wild game is easy but teaching them to use the whole animals is always my goal. Not everyone sees it the way I do, but I can guide you with time and knowledge to become proficient. 

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